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Testimony of Sister Giacomina, 89 years of age

I met Dr Mozzi last year, almost by chance. I do not believe much in coincidence, but I do believe in providence.

I was browsing the internet looking for a person who was piquing my interest at that time and this grand, bearded gentleman appeared, speaking about diabetes, no less, the disease from which I was suffering. So, I felt intrigued enough to listen and listen. I did. I understood that he was a doctor who said things that were true, serious and meaningful. I continued listening to him and, as I did so, I began to want to try the diet that he was suggesting. I suddenly felt strongly motivated to commence this sort of therapy. My motivation was: to continue feeling better so that I might continue to make myself useful, surrounded by young people. Indeed, I’m surrounded by young people from dusk ‘til dawn. This strong motivation led to perseverance. Without motivation, there is no perseverance and it is impossible to keep going. Because it is hard, this therapy isn’t easy, what Dr Mozzi recommends is no easy thing! It requires steadfastness because it is difficult. In fact, I had been suffering from diabetes for about 12 years. The official course of action saw me treated using medicines, pharmaceuticals and the only advice I was given was to avoid eating sweets. As I listened to Dr Mozzi, I realised that giving up sweets wasn’t enough, I had to do without all starchy foods! That meant no bread, pasta, rusks or bread sticks… everything! Not only that, I had to cut out sweets, sugar and even fruit, which is rich in fructose. They are the enemies of the disease from which I was suffering and are therefore responsible for this disease. I then followed his recommendations, especially for group A patients, to which I belong. They are: “Eat white meat (chicken, turkey), not pork, lots of fish (including canned fish, such as tuna, sardines, etc.), lots of vegetables and legumes (not in the evening). Avoid potatoes, peppers, aubergines, tomatoes and almost all dairy products. I say almost, because Dr Mozzi once said that you can also eat a mozzarella, every now and then, or a little ricotta”.
This is a summary of the diet I learned from Dr Mozzi.

Also from reading his precious books, which I received as gifts from up above, for which I continue to be thankful. In 4 months, with the grace of God that gave me perseverance and motivation, I eradicated my diabetes. It was gone! At the same time as this pleasant surprise – because it wasn’t planned, I just wanted to treat my diabetes – I needed to have carpal tunnel surgery. When I went to the doctor for a second visit, carrying the second report so that we could set the date for the surgery, the doctor said: <<You’re no longer ill! You’ve been miraculously cured by Don Bosco!>>. He mentioned Don Bosco, because the doctor was a former Salesian student and, therefore, we were somewhat related. Then and there, I said “Yes, perhaps Don Bosco has healed me”, but I knew full-well why the disease had disappeared. Other illnesses had gone, too. Like osteoporosis, which was widespread throughout my body, cholesterol went down, digestive disorders diminished, as did fatigue and much more.
I felt much better, full of energy. I immediately expressed my gratitude to Dr Mozzi in a letter I sent to his address. He, in turn, expressed how happy he was for me. In the letter, I told him about the amazing results I had achieved thanks to his diet.

I continue to thank God, the giver of all good, who used Dr Mozzi as an instrument, a person I’d
like to thank once again and who I’m fortunate enough to be able to thank publicly.

Thank you, Dr Mozzi!

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