Diet - Editrice Mogliazze

Prevent, treat and heal

I am convinced that the link between blood groups, the immune characteristics of individuals and nutrition are a solid starting point for understanding the reasons for the onset of more or less serious pathologies. Relating said aspects is essential and provides an excellent method for understanding how to resolve illnesses and get back to good health.

After all these years practicing my profession, I can safely say that knowing your blood type and the foods best suited to your immune system, together with the ability to listen and interpret the body’s signals, allow you to investigate the causes of illnesses and acquire the tools and the knowledge needed to prevent them. I consider this the key to becoming the master of your own health.

In this new edition, I have endeavored to emphasize the uniqueness of individuals and the importance of a personalised diet to manage their health by avoiding the excessive use of medicines intended primarily to alleviate or eliminate symptoms. The dietary information found in the book are guidelines that can help steer people towards a more appropriate diet and lifestyle.

Try to get a profound understanding of your organism.
Try to be curious and never tire of experimenting.

During everyday life and over the years, our bodies have to deal with manychanges, which can be natural, such as variations in temperature; artificial, such as the intake of medicines (antibiotics and cortisone); pathological, such as fevers and inflammation. The result is an alteration of the immune system and, consequently, the normal tolerance to certain foods changes. Not to mention that, in recent decades, external factors have come into play, such as vaccinations, the effects of which on our immune system no one yet knows. All these variables must lead us to maintain certain flexibility and to continue observing and trying to understand our organism in detail.

For example, any food, even if beneficial for a certain group, can create problems when consumed in excessive quantities: 3-5 nuts a day can be fine, but 10-12 can cause the appearance of disorders that can even be severe. This book will not specify the quantities of food that can be consumed, since that is an individual variable, however, its aim is to encourage each person to discover for themselves which foods they can consume and in what quantity. These variables depend on constitutional characteristics: metabolism, weight, state of health and also the amount and type of physical exercise. The first rule to keep in mind is that a frugal diet, especially as the years pass, is easier to combine with a satisfactory state of health.

The optimal solution is for each person to understand themselves, their needs and inclinations with respect to nutrition and lifestyle and adjust accordingly.

This book is not based on absolute dogmas; it offers diligent guidelines, tested through many years of medical practice, which provide people with the ability to understand and link the reactions of their bodies to the intake of various foods. Each blood group has its own identity that distinguishes it from the others. The body’s behaviour towards illnesses is also one of the distinctive elements of blood groups. The characteristics of the blood group and the immune system are responsible for an illness developing rapidly and acute episodes healing just as quickly, as well as for the fact that the process is slowed down and leads to a chronic disease.

We could compare what happens with the disease to the behavior of human beings when faced with an emergency. If a fire breaks out in a house occupied by lots of people, there will be different behaviors; some will be quick and practical, some will panic, some will need time to react, etc., all of which are manifestations determined by individual genetic makeup.

The correlation between blood group, diet and illness is complex and cannot be exclusively attributed to a cause-effect relationship. That is why one must consider individual variability before resorting to simplistic, definitive statements. The optimal solution is for each person to understand themselves, their needs and inclinations concerning nutrition and lifestyle and adjust accordingly.