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What is the blood type diet?

Guiding principles


“Listening, recognizing, advising, personalizing”

In these terms we can frame the long-term commitment of Dr. Mozzi in approaching the relationship between pathologies and nutrition to which he has dedicated himself – together with his son Martino, Nutritionist Biologist – by providing information aimed at the prevention and possibly the treatment of pathologies. The blood group diet, on whose principles Dr. Mozzi’s method is based, is a healthy eating style based on fresh, natural and traditional foods, properly combined.

It is not a slimming diet but a regimen based on the close correlation between nutrition and the immune system, which passes through the blood groups, and is functional for general well-being. This correlation was first experienced in 1957 by the American naturopath James D’Adamo. Continuing the work of the father, Dr. Peter D’Adamo then developed the blood type diet. During his career, Dr. Mozzi has deepened these studies, developing a more complete and precise food system, which not only takes into consideration the foods tolerated by each blood group, but also the food combinations and signals manifested by the organism in following the introduction of more or less suitable foods.

The goal of his work is to teach people to correlate pathologies with daily eating habits, providing guidelines to prevent the onset of disorders or diseases with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, which also includes physical activity.


The blood type diet was a great insight. The blood, in addition to nourishing the tissues, contains cells of the immune system, characteristic of each of us. When it comes to blood type diet, the keyword to keep in mind is “awareness”.
This diet was inspired by a simple and healthy diet, to seek a more natural life model on a human scale.
The aim is to help people go beyond the simple cure of diseases, coming to understand the causes and improve their lives consciously, through a correct diet.

Diet and its correlation with the immune system

Like all great insights, hemo diet is therefore based on a very simple concept: eating habits are the factor that most affects the immune system and consequently on health. To feel good it is necessary to identify and modify those habits that are harmful to us, listening to the signals of our body carefully.

In summary, it is necessary to:

  • simplify nutrition by using no more than 5 foods per meal.
  • pay attention to the correlation between the foods used and the symptoms manifested by the body in the following hours.
  • choose seasonal foods whose origin is certified.

In search of your own well-being

More than a diet, it is a real path to eating properly, from which everyone can benefit: not only people who need to improve their health, but also all those who want to shed excess kilos, athletes who want to improve their performance or, in general, those who
want to prevent disease and keep their well-being intact.

Know your blood type

The first step in starting the diet is to know your own blood group.
In fact, this diet is based on the fact that the red blood cells of each group have different types and quantities of antigens on the surface that interact with the immune system and react differently to food.
Once established, it is necessary to understand which foods are more or less compatible with our immune system. This information can be found in “Dr. Mozzi’s new diet”, together with valuable information on the best way to cook and combine foods, the result of his research and many years of experience in the medical field.

Tailor-made diet

It is fundamental to always test each food on yourself.
This diet in fact provides general guidelines for each blood group, but there is no precise and absolute rule, since each person is a unique individual. It is essential to “listen” to your body and its reactions to each food, to learn about your individual needs.

It is equally essential to keep your immune system efficient, the most powerful defense of our body, and this is possible only by providing it with the right nourishment. The nutrients, broken down into simple molecules through digestion and absorbed by the intestine, are transported by the blood to the liver and then to all cells. So whatever substance is introduced into the digestive system, it is simplified and transformed to be absorbed by all tissues thanks to the blood that nourishes them. In this method, everything is completely personalized because each individual, each DNA is unique.

To get the best out of this diet you have to experience it for yourself in order to understand what our needs are.

Preventive function

In various parts of the world, disease prevention is being studied, with particular attention to nutrition, to deal with a situation that over time could prove unsustainable, particularly in the Western world. In fact, in recent decades, society is undergoing a demographic change: the average length of life has increased, but births are decreasing and more and more people suffer from chronic diseases, with a consequent increase in public health costs. Health, therefore, is fundamental not only for the individual and his family but for the whole community. The signs and symptoms of some genetic conditions tend to become more severe and appear at an earlier age as the disorder is passed from one generation to the next. This phenomenon is called anticipation.

Nutrition and blood groups

Western civilization has developed a real addiction to food: we no longer eat to nourish ourselves, but out of boredom / stress / bad habits.

However, not all the foods we consume today are “suitable” for humans, that is to say that the immune system only tolerates certain foods, while many others – which we use very frequently today – are capable of triggering abnormal phenomena, such as inflammation, headache, fever and cough, or cause weight gain, change in blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure.

If the cause of these disorders is not identified and removed, they may evolve into real chronic diseases, even serious ones.

Dr. Mozzi’s strategy is to identify foods that are harmful to each of us, eliminate them and prefer those that allow us to keep our immune system efficient. In summary, we are responsible for our state of health, because taking care of ourselves with nutrition is a choice that can be made every day.