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Blood group 0

General characteristics

It is the oldest group, and it is that of the first men who obtained food by hunting. People belonging to group 0 have a very reactive immune system. The digestive system is robust and has an acidic internal environment that can tolerate a slight state of ketosis (alteration of the metabolism due to a diet rich in protein and fat and low in carbohydrates). This condition allows type 0 to better metabolize foods of animal origin.

Beneficial foods

  • Animal proteins
  • Vegetables and legumes, combined with a program of intense physical activity.

Not recommended foods

  • Dairy products
  • Cereals containing gluten (wheat, spelt, Kamut, barley) and some legumes such as lentils and white beans.
  • GROUP 0 does not tolerate potatoes, aubergines, and excess fruit, especially in winter.