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Blood group AB

General characteristics

Blood group AB is the most recent and rarest group, the result of the mixture between type A and type B blood, now present in less than 5% of the population. Those who belong to this group have a sensitive digestive system; generally tolerate an omnivorous and balanced diet. Its diet suffers the double influence of groups A and B. Like group A, it tolerates lentils and peanuts well (but not chicken, like group B). Like group B, it tolerates lamb and rabbit meat well (but not beef, like group A). People of group AB must pay particular attention to the foods they consume and the reactions of their bodies, as due to a “sluggish” immune system, they tend to manifest the disorders after a long time after ingesting food.

Beneficial foods

  • Oats, rice, millet, quinoa, amaranth, and potatoes are well tolerated.
  • The proteins of rabbit, lamb, turkey and egg meat are the most suitable, together with those of fish (excluding molluscs, crustaceans and smoked fish).
  • Group AB typically tolerates moderate amounts of goat and sheep dairy products.

Not recommended foods

  • Buckwheat, corn and wheat, beef, veal, horse, chicken and pork.
  • Among the legumes, they must avoid chickpeas, white Spanish beans and black-eyed beans.
  • Among dairy products, it is recommended to avoid cow’s milk and aged cheeses.