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Blood group B

General characteristics

Blood group B appeared for the first time 10,000 - 15,000 years ago, in the mountainous areas of the Himalayas and was a consequence of the transition from the torrid climate of the African savannas to the cold and rigid climate of the Himalayan mountain ranges. The new group soon became characteristic of the nomadic tribes of the steppes.

These peoples were mainly dedicated to pastoralism, consequently they fed mainly on meat and dairy products. The diet of type B people is very balanced and includes a large variety of foods, as their digestive system adapts well to dietary changes.

Beneficial foods

  • The sources of protein that people in group B can benefit most from are eggs and lamb, kid and rabbit meat, but they also tolerate turkey and beef well.
  • Typically, they can indulge in moderate consumption of dairy products (better sheep or goat).
  • Other recommended foods are rice, millet, quinoa and potatoes as carbohydrate sources.

Not recommended foods

  • Gluten (wheat, Kamut, barley, etc.), corn, tomato, pork, peanuts and hazelnuts.
  • Group B people also do not tolerate chicken meat, chickpeas and lentils, olives and should avoid crustaceans, some shellfish and smoked fish.
  • The only vegetables to avoid are pumpkin, artichokes and tomatoes.