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Doctor Mozzi’s new diet – 10th anniversary edition

Doctor Pietro Mozzi, physician guided by nature

Doctor Mozzi’s new diet – 10th anniversary edition

New content, insights and interpretations to prevent, treat and heal

Dr Mozzi’s diet turns ten! It’s an important milestone that also gives me the opportunity to enhance this work with new content and new information, as well as dispel a few doubts expressed by people who have put my advice into practice over the years.
new edition is proof, once again, of the commitment I made to people who have been following me for years and aims to provide a practical, up-to-date tool that contains even more precise informations than the previous book.

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New content, insights and interpretations

What you will find in this new edition is the result of more than forty years of medical practice that I have dedicated to the pursuit of health and the cause of illness, always guided by doubt. Indeed, I still do not consider this pursuit over, but I can affirm that the assumptions and the goals have remained unchanged.
I am convinced that the link between blood groups, the immune characteristics of individuals and nutrition are a solid starting point for understanding the reasons for the onset of more or less serious pathologies. Relating said aspects is essential and provides an excellent method for understanding how to resolve illnesses and get back to good health.
After all these years practicing my profession, I can safely say that knowing your blood type and the foods best suited to your immune system, together with the ability to listen and interpret the body’s signals, allow you to investigate the causes of illnesses and acquire the tools and the knowledge needed to prevent them. I consider this the key to becoming the master of your own health.
In this new edition, I have endeavoured to emphasise the uniqueness of individuals and the importance of a personalised diet in order to manage their health by avoiding the excessive use of medicines intended primarily to alleviate or eliminate symptoms.
The dietary information found in the book are guidelines that can help steer people towards a more appropriate diet and lifestyle.

This publication contains some relevant modifications and additions:
• the term “neutral foods” has been changed to “foods to be tested” to reinforce the concept that these foods have different effects depending on individual characteristics. That is why you will find it possible to personalise the book by marking these foods as “tolerated” or “not tolerated”, after having tested them on yourself.
• precise and detailed information on food combinations, for each food category and for each blood group;
• information on how to consume each food category: when to consume them, how many times a week and when to avoid them;
• notes regarding the most common pathologies resulting from the abuse of certain foods;
• practical suggestions to limit the harm deriving from “mistakes” made at the dining table;
• updates to the lists of food with new foods that are more frequently found on the market today;
• nutritional tips to make the choice of foods and the composition of meals easier;
• a dietary plan with 5 typical days for each season of the year;
• the subdivision of foods into benefits, to be tested and not recommended, has been updated based on the observations of the last ten years and the changes that have taken place in the food industry, often to the detriment of the quality of the products.
Lastly, I would like to thank all those who decided to try the “Mozzi Diet” in recent years, especially those who gave me feedback regarding their doubts, thanks to which I was able to continually question my theories.
That is why I felt it was my duty to include some of the numerous testimonies from patients who have managed to get better that I have received over the last two years at the end of this book, in the hope that they can encourage those who have yet to try the path of proper nutrition.

The Author

Dr. Mozzi was born in Bobbio, in the province of Piacenza in 1950, and graduated in medicine at ParmaUniversity in 1977. The basis of his work as a doctor is a search for the causes of illnesses. Over the years, he has come to the conclusion that one of the most worthwhile tools for healing or not getting sick is proper nutrition as described in the first edition of “Dr Mozzi’s diet”, now revised and updated to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its publication. Read this interview if you want to know more about Dr Mozzi and his blood type diet.


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