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You can heal

Doctor Mozzi

You can heal

“I am not the custodian of any absolute truth but of a lot of passion, knowledge and experience. At my age, I still try in every way to help people heal or avoid getting sick.”

Hard copy 20€

With this new book, Dr. Mozzi wants to convey the knowledge and experiences thanks to which many people have managed in recent years not to get sick and above all to solve their health problems.

You can heal is a step forward and one more tool than the previous one, to help people investigate the cause of disease and manage their health. Is it possible to recover from a disease? It is certainly among the possible things. But we must learn to understand what are the signals that our body sends us. Changing our diet is a chance to not get sick and recover our state of health. Certainly it may seem difficult to change eating habits, but if we are encouraged by valid results that we can obtain quickly and with minimal cost, perhaps we could discover that changing is not so difficult.

This book mainly wants to give a message of hope to people who live with the disease: YOU CAN HEAL!

(This book is only available in Italian)


Great book,recommended for all. The thing that I like and convinced me of this book and of Dr. Mozzi is that he always insists on NEVER abandoning any therapies, treatments and medicines that you might be taking.

He recommends foods, herbs, habits and natural remedies that can help you feel better.
He is a humble but very wise person. This book is very well written, I like its layout, really handy and practical. It can be read easily as the chapters and topics are divided into short paragraphs. It is not necessary to read it from beginning to end, for example I read it sparsely the first time, and then from beginning to end.

I was struck by the Doctor’s wisdom on all matters. Each topic has an introduction, a doctor’s reasoning, practical solutions and often the usual reasoning: try it, it doesn’t cost you anything and at worst won’t work in your case.

Well, dear Dr. Mozzi, this is the right approach, thanks for this other gem. To those who write that there is nothing new in this book, I reply that it is not true, it must be read.


“To recognize the cause of a disease it is essential not to be dogmatic and to doubt anything. If the cause is not traced and only the symptom is treated, the disease can easily recur”.